Trending app #Sarahah Review, How to use Sarahah? Need of this App? Is sarahah really anonymous?

#Sarahah android applicationDownload sarahah app, What is sarahah?, How Sarahah works?, Is sarahah really anonymous?, These are some questions definitly comes in your mind. Why not! Now a days android app named as #SARAHAH is in Trending From a week or more you might be seeing an app making its way on social networks. The app is called Sarahah. Actually, it was launched a few months ago and was becoming popular in the regions like Egypt and Saudi Arabia for its anonymous feedback messaging.  But Now, it is become going to viral in India also.

sarahah app review apk download
sarahah app review

The Sarahah app is developed by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq who is an app developer from Saudi Arabia. The app is made for sending and receiving feedback from others anonymously, impersonally. The makers of the app described it and said, Sarahah helps people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback.

What is Sarahah app?

According to Google Play Store, this app helps people self-develop by getting useful anonymous feedback.
If you are wondered the meaning of  Sarahah, it means “Honesty” in the Arabic language. Both Android and iOS users can download Sarahah in two languages – one is Arabic and another one is English.

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How Does Sarahah App Works?

The Sarahah app works like just all other apps, If you don’t wanna use sarahah app, You can also use website for it’s use. you need to download it and set an account in . 

It only need few information to you,
*Enter the username, 
*and make a password. 
*You don’t need to give your contact number with and after register you have to login. *Than after you must share your Sarahah link (like- on Social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp anywhere you want. 
*Everyone who gets your link can message you anonymously, whoever it can be your friends or strangers too. 
*Anyone can visit your profile without logging in his/her account and can visit your profile.

When they logged in the messages are still nameless but the user can choose their specific tags to identity. The message receiver, the incoming messages will show in an inbox. where You can flag messages, delete it, reply or favorite them to find it later on.

sarahah app review send message
sarahah app review send message

Ratings and Reviews on Google Play:

Though the app has become popular, it’s quite separate. At present in 8/18/17, the app has,
*47,707 feedback comments,
*3.1-star reviews on Google Play,
*It also got 18,652 1-star reviews.

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How to send a message in sarahah?

You have to click on the shared link of your friend or stranger and you get a box with a message “Leave a constructive message” . Type the message you want to send and then click on ‘send’ Button. To whom you have sent the message will not get any kind of your identity information.

What else does Sarahah offer? Is it really anonymous app?

Yah! till now Sarahah is an antonymous feedback messaging website or application, You don’t panic about you identity just send your healthy feedback. and forget about the person. It is not same as the regular messaging app. The tabs are limited to Messages, Search, Explore, and Profile. All the messages are shown in ‘Messages’ tab. After you receive the message you can favorite it or you can  block the user in sarahah. We don’t know what happens after you blocking the user(s).

The creators/developers of the sarahah app are looking at ways to improve the experience and trying to make it more user friendly and worth-full to users.


This app has four main tabs, Messages, Profile, Explore and Search

*The Message tab shows all the sent, received and favorite message of you. You can even mark a message as your favorite and even report or flag it. 
*In Search tab, one can search for people to who you want to send an anonymous message without your identity.

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“SOON This feature will be available definitely in next update!”

Profile tag allows the user to manage his or her profile and to display the profile pic, username and the messages you have received.
So hurry up guys who want to use this new messaging app? Sarahah App Is Going Viral on the Internet and you must try it at once.

so go on sarahah……………………………