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Phone Unlock App To Earn Money In India – Best 3 Apps To Make Money App

Phone Unlock Apps To Make Money – Hey guys, this time we are with some different money making apps. If you are thinking of how to earn money from android apps without doing anything. Just install the app and leave it on your mobile phone. The unlock app will work automatically for you to make money for you with Unlock App To Earn Money.

How Unlock App To Earn Money Work?

In all these money earning apps, you don’t have any skill. As usual, you unlock your phone as random you will get paid for that. Yes, these 3 apps pay you when you unlock your phone. Apps publish some advertisement on your lock screen & when you see them on the screen you have 2 options usually one is just Swipe right to unlock the phone or swipe left to engage with the showing ad content.

In this post, we collect top 3 money giving apps for android phone which paid you to unlock your phone. Below are the best 3 apps from which I’m also making money with my mobile phone,Unlock app to make money

List Of Phone Unlock App To Make Money Online

Whaff Locker – Watch Ads And Earn Money

This is one of the best unlock app from my experience because it gives most as compared to other 2 apps. But the threshold limit is more. So when you unlock your phone you can start earning from today. One other thing is during a typical day, you can get about 10 chances to make 3 cents means 0.3$ by engaging with ad or news. So totally you can make money about $8 in a month.


Whaff Locker app brings you all the breaking news, helpful life tips, and some other relatable content on your mobile lock screen. And to earn free reward you have to swipe left whenever you see paid ads content. That’s it start earning and withdrawal in your PayPal or freecharge account.

Download Whaff Locker

You need a minimum $11 to redeem via PayPal while $6 for Freecharge Gift Card.

Payout Modes at Whaff Locker –  Gift Card (Flipkart, Amazon etc), PayPal and many others.

Slidejoy App – Slide And Unlock App To Earn Money App

Another money making an app for the android phone is Slidejoy app. It allows you to earn money to see trending news or advertisement while unlocking your phone screen. Once you install and register on Slidejoy app, you will get a new advertisement on your lock screen. Now you work is to read the card shown in screen it’s on your interest, otherwise just swipe right to access your home screen.make-money-with-slidejoy-unlock-app

The money/reward you make today on the slidejoy app will be updated tomorrow (As mentioned in the app stats are updated daily at 10 pm according to Indian time). So once you collect 2000 Slidejoy Carats (which is worth of $2) you can redeem it in PayPal or Amazon, Flipkart Gift voucher. As Expected you can earn $4 to $6 every month with slidejoy app.

Download Slidejoy App

You need a minimum 2000 slidejoy carats to redeem via PayPal or as a free Gift Card.

Slidejoy’s Withdrawal Options – PayPal and Gift Cards of various E-commerce portals

MooCash App – Unlock App To Make Money Online

Last but not the least Moocash app is another best app to earn dollars. In MooCash Unlock App You get free 1 Gem every day and this 1 Gem is somewhere between 0 to 87 coins by playing various Fruity Loop, Big 7 or Treasure Hunt. You might get 10 coins to unlock your phone. Although as I see you don’t get paid whenever you unlock screen approx 10-15 time in a day.


So by these extra activities like app download and playing games or treasure hunts in it, Reaching 3000 coins becomes easy. And to redeem as a real money, you have to collect 3000 coins ($3).

Download MooCash App

You need a minimum 3000 coins to redeem via PayPal or as a free Gift Card.

MooCash Withdrawal Options – PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Amazon Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, PrePaid Top-Up etc

TricksStore’s Suggestion To Earn More With Unlock App-

Don’t lock unlock your phone all day to get more money, use the phone the way you always do. I hope you have 2 smartphones in your household. To make at least $15, install all the 3 apps on your phone, send invitations to another phone and install all the apps on that too. That’s it. Now just use your phones the way you do usually and get money for doing nothing.