Zebpay Money Withdrawal

Indian Rupee Withdrawal Has Been Stopped By Zebpay – What to do?

Zebpay money withdrawalZebpay Money withdrawal trickZebpay money back – Hello guys, Zebpay an Indian cryptocurrency exchange website/app is now disclosed the news that now you can’t withdrawal your money to your bank account. As per the RBI rule zebpay has stopped it’s money withdrawal services currently.

Zebpay Money Withdrawal And Deposit Stopped

As a major stand by the RBI’s on 5th April circular, that prohibited banks from providing crypto related services like crypto exchanges in india. Zebpay, is well known and country’s biggest digital currency exchange for Bitcoin and virtual currencies. But on Wednesday all the things has been disabled, now you can’t use zebpay for rupee deposit and withdrawal on zebpay mobile app.

Now you can not deposit or withdraw balance from Zebpay App from 5th July 2018. On 4th July 2018, in style Indian Bitcoin Exchange Zebpay has stopped deposits and withdrawals on it’s app, RBI also gave a 3-month time frame to the banks to exit their relationship with these entities.

What To Do?

Zebpay, one of the most popular Indian app mainly for Bitcoin exchanges among Indian users. We seen that a sudden hike on Bitcoins rate in 2017, people attracting towards the bitcoin using Zebpay app, which is simple and much easier for holding and trading bitcoins to earn money from bitcoinshow to withdrawal money from zebpay app

Note that we are receiving a continuous msg from Zebpay about anonymous stoppage in deposits and withdrawals of indian ruppe. Zebpay already notified to their customers about any time in future users cannot deposit or withdraw bitcoin to their bank account via Zebpay app.

And now it comes true, Zebpay is trying to give their best but now that 3 month period given by RBI is passed away, and Zebpay has no longer access to customers way out and they suspend all deposits and withdrawal activities of their customers.

“So guys that means if you haven’t withdrawn your Zebpay balance yet, you can’t do it anymore with zebpay directly”. But only as an Inian Rupee. Others currency and methods still working.

Time is over Now – Guys you can’t blame Zebpay for it. Zebpay alreday had nothing you about this will happens any time no doubts. Because It is a guideline by the RBI which every bank should follow.

What Has Chanced In Zebpay?

Guys zebpay Only disable transaction in Indian Rupee, So only rupee Deposits and Withdrawals are Disabled on their app. All other features are still working.

That means you can do following function on Zebpay:

  1. You can still Buy Bitcoins with your exiting balance.
  2. Use bitcoin for treading balance with your existing Zebpay Wallet Balance.
  3. You can’t add more Wallet Balance on zebpay.
  4. You can still Sell Bitcoins and other cryptos and get Zebpay Wallet Balance.
  5. you cannot withdraw money to Bank.
  6. You can still Send/Receive Bitcoins.
  7. You can pay Bitcoins to avail services that accept bitcoins payments.
  8. You can still trade your Bitcoins with other cryptocurrencies inside Zebpay app.
  9. Your cryptocurrency wallet addresse is still functioning.

What I Do With My Existing Bitcoin ?

Guys don’t worry you can safely keep your all cryptos by transfer it to International Wallets and Exchanges websites/apps such as Binance , FreewalletBittrex and more. Because they are not comes in indian RBI guidelines so, you won’t have any risk of losing your money.

From these given platforms you can buy/sell and hold your cryptos as well as you can send and receive your cryptos from zebpay to these platforms. And these are the best idea to keep multiple options so safe your currency.

How to withdraw cryptos into your Bank Account?

So guys after this news we are still hoping that how to withdrawal money from zebpay app, & why not not yet but it still possible to withdraw your cryptocurrencies into your bank account. Not directly but by using another indirect way.

You only have to find out someone/website who can take your all cryptos and in return deposit money into your bank account or through paypal than into your account. Well, indian govt. surely doesn’t want you to get involved into bitcoin buying, selling or trading.

But there is surely ways to get your bitcoin cashed out from zebpay. Websites such as Localbitcoins are like as Ebay. They take payments from you and helps you to sell bitcoins, or buy bitcoins and pay you money.