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Amazon app Treasure Hunt All Clues – Hello Friends, Hope You All Are Good and Enjoying Our Free Recharge tricksNow a days Amazon Daily Come back with it’s Daily Quiz In which India Gives Very Exiting Prices To the Winner(s).

We already Posted Today Amazon Train Of Cards Quiz – Find Cards and Win One Plus 5 , As we know amazon regularly organize daily Amazon quiz. and they had already done a treasure hunt campaign for their app users, In which you have to solve clues given by them you can get product at just rs 1. On the success of previous Amazon treasure hunt On 28th Sep & 26th Sep 2017 , amazon again coming with another amazon treasure hunt on 10th october.

Amazon App Treasure Hunt – All Clues and Answers 10th October

amazon app treasure hunt trick all clue answers

Amazon Treasure hunt is going to live again so , get ready to 1 rupee loot on 10th October. From 3 PM on 10th October Amazon Starts Giving different 7 clues (including 3 blockbuster clues) In this Treasure Hunt in Every 15 minute a new clue will be introduce in amazon app, and this will continue till 10 PM on the amazon wall. 
You have to simply crack or solve all the clue and grab free products by No need to pay any money for products on amazon. Just play and win all of them for free.
For your ease i will try to solve all the clues of amazon treasure hunt and increase your chance of winning.

We are updating all the answers of amazon treasure hunt on the day stay tuned..

10th October Treasure Hunt Clues and Answers

* 2 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –  Also The Name Of a chocolate by Gandour, in 25 its
Answer – Safari 25 ltrs Casual Backpack (Slide-Black-CB)

* Block Buster Treasure Hunt Clue –  when jordan became an italian
Answer – Giordano Analog Red Dial Women’s Watch-A2056-66

* 2:15 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –  please mind the___
Answer – GAP Men’s Baseball Cap

* 2:30 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – zip it & get out – ____ it
Answer – Baggit Women’s Handbag (Blue)

* 2:45 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – image
Answer –  American Tourister 27 Ltrs Olive Casual Backpack (AMT STRATOS BP-02 OLIVE/YELLOW)

* 3 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –  (50+9)x10+5000 & (blue-e) will give you the treasure
Answer –  Skmei Analogue-Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch – 5590-blu

* Block Buster Treasure Hunt Clue –  Most Can’t Pack in 35 ltrs of Orange , But i can
Answer –  Wildcraft 35 Ltrs Orange Rucksack (Rock & Ice 2_Orange)

* 3:15 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –  Image Clue – Women handbag
Answer – Alessia74 Women’s Handbag (Tan) (SU012C)

* 3:30 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – 1117 reasons to own a time piece from gaungzhou
Answer – Skmei Analog-Digital Multi-Colour Dial Unisex Watch – 1117BBGREY

* 3:45 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – An expedition into nature
Answer – safari 25 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack (Jump 2 Black)

* 4:15 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – 
Answer – Maxima Analog White Dial Men’s Watch-44688LMGI

* Blockbuster Treasure Hunt Clue – Cheryl Strayed’s story took Special Skill
Answer – 

* 4:15 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – May I see Your I.D? 
Answer – Idee sunglasses black

* 4:30 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – “i wrote a song for you. And all the things you do and it was called ______” 
Answer – american tourister 25 lts yellow

* 4:45 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – A grey Track
Answer – Fastrack UV Protection Sport Men’s Sunglasses 

* 5:00 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – Olive to the eye, you can carry it sky high
Answer – Skybags Brat 22 Ltrs Olive Casual Backpack

* Blockbuster Clue 5:00 PM: French life has a lot in store
Answer: Lavie handbag beige

* 5:15 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –has a nose bridge & a temple length
Answer – idee sunglesses

* 5:30 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – An artist needs a white c____s
Answer – Kanvas Katha Women’s Handbag (White) (KKSQL002)

* 5:45 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – See it when it Rains & Shines or on your neck
Answer – Yellow Chimes Swiss Zircon Rainbow colors Exquisite

* Blockbuster Treasure Hunt Clue -Larger than size & sits below a temple
Answer – crystel Green Rayban oversize sunglass

* 6:00 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – “Move On” they say 
Answer – Fastrack UV Protection Wrap Men’s Sunglasses 

* 6:15 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – Accelerator brake & _____ 
Answer – Lavie Women’s Clutch (Grey)

* 6:30 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – In time for Richie Rich’s Club
Answer – Rich Club Combo Of 4 Analogue Multicolor Dial Men’s And Boy’s Watch

* 6:45 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – 
Answer – Yellow chimes flowerets

* Blockbuster Treasure Hunt Clue -For the Many You & a desert animal
Answer –

* 7:00 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – 
Answer – 

* 7:15 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –tourist from the city of Angels 

* 7:30 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –
Answer – alessia 74 tote blue bag 

* 7:45 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –When You are feeling Blue, go beyond the spectrum
Answer – 

* Blockbuster Treasure Hunt Clue -A village in Tuscany
Answer – Fastrack Sport unisex Sunglasses

* 8:00 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –White canvas with a Twist spins a story in Black
Answer – Kanvas Katha Roselina Women’s Sling Bag (Black) (KKRJQ021) 

* 8:15 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – When the unit of spending without the CY ,meets the dimension of time
Answer – Curren watch

* 8:30 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – 
Answer – Youbella necklace

* 8:45 PM Treasure Hunt Clue – An Eye & another, Close to Yuvi 
Answer – Fastrack UV Protection Wrap Men’s Sunglasses (P089BR2Brown)

* Blockbuster Treasure Hunt Clue – Maverick’s favorite
Answer – rayban aviator 

* 9:00 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –
Answer – Kanvas katha roselina Slingbag

* 9:15 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –
Answer – 

* 9:30 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –
Answer – 

* 9:45 PM Treasure Hunt Clue –
Answer – 

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** How to Play Amazon Treasure Hunt and Win ?

1. First of all Download & Install Amazon App – Click Here

2. Now Open The Amazon App
3. You will see the amazon treasure hunt banner their. (Every 15 Minutes You’ll Get a New Clue)
4. Try to solve amazon treasure hunt clues or choose my given answers.
5. Go to fast and find them fast you will definitely get that product for Free.
6. Now be super-fast and add the product in your Amazon Cart.
Hurry ! You will get your product soon.

** All Steps Of Amazon Treasure Hunt Trick-

Step 1 – First Of All Guess You Have To The Clue Answer.

amazon app treasure hunt trick 1 ghess the clue all clue answers 

Step 2 – Now Find The Product From Search bar According to Given Clue , You Need to Be Quick As Well.

amazon app treasure hunt trick 2 find the product all clue answers

Step 3 – Go to The Product Page & Check Either The Product Is That What The Clue For Or Not;

Step 4 – If You Find “Lightning Deal At Rs 1” You Guessed Correct.

amazon app treasure hunt trick 4 get 1 rupee pruduct all clue answers
Add Product to Cart and Pay Rs 1 & Grab The Deal All the best and share your Great Hunt With Us.

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